Our Online Support Offerings

Our support

The SCCUL Sanctuary provides regular online support via Zoom, Facebook and Instagram to individuals and client groups unable to be present in person. These online sessions are demand-led. 

We provide support to charity, community groups and individuals who are not part of a particular group 

In the past, we have conducted a series of online sessions that may be of interest to you. Please let us know if you have any enquiries, and we will consider organising them for you when we receive them. These include Digital Detox, Chair Yoga, Exercise, Breathwork, Music, Art, Journaling and Mindfulness. These sessions are free and open to all. Please email Sanctuary@scculenterprises.ie or call 087 3466220 for further details on upcoming sessions.

An example of a Online Support Day for a Group or Charity


Virtual doors open




Session 1 – Exercise and breath work


Session 2 – Journal writing


Session 3 – Music or digital detox


Virtual cuppa and close

*Note that the length and make-up of sessions can be adjusted to meet the needs of a particular group. 

If you are an organiser of a community group or charity, please make direct contact with Will on 087 3466220 or by emailing sanctuary@scculenterprises.ie to arrange an online support day for your group.

Who are these sessions aimed at?

We run specific sessions tailored to meet the needs of different groups such as:

  • Residents in nursing homes 
  • Members of existing groups and charities 
  • Individuals not part of existing groups and charities 
  • We also provide supports via our social networks- Facebook & Instagram
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Our Testimonials

Throughout our years of service to the community we are proud to have received such wonderful testimonials from our guests. Below is a sample of some of the many great comments we receive on a daily basis.

Futher Info

For more information, please contact Will on 087 3466220 or by emailing sanctuary@scculenterprises.ie.