Therapeutic Support Days for Individuals, Charities and Community Groups

How We Help

The SCCUL Sanctuary provides therapeutic supports to individuals and groups who are experiencing significant life challenges. These supports, delivered through carefully designed workshops, enable each person to enhance their coping skills and resilience for any future challenges one. These workshops help to improve a person’s well-being to gain new perspectives and connect with others facing similar challenges.
People are welcome to attend a therapeutic support day as part with their own existing group/charity. We also welcome individuals who are not part of an existing group to one of our Days for Individuals. The SCCUL Sanctuary also offers regular online supports to individuals and groups from across Ireland who are unable to attend in-person.

How We Help

Over the past thirty years there has been a general sense of loss of rural neighborhood support in Galway, and Ireland as a whole. This is due to the decline of local communities, newly formed habitats and the growth of urban centres. At the same time a number of common and rare illnesses, both physical and emotional, are growing rapidly.
Death rates are increasing among those in dire need of emotional support. The key problems today are complex and inter-connected and at SCCUL Sanctuary we aim to alleviate the stress and anguish through the provision of therapy days and emotional support. See below for the problems which we address.

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